Veterinary Services in Charlotte NC

If you are a pet owner living in or around Charlotte, Mint Hill, Harrisburg, and Matthews NC, consider Clear Creek Animal Hospital for the most professional veterinarians in Charlotte regardless of the reason for your appointment and visit. Working together with our veterinary team is a way for you to ensure your pet remains healthy, active, and does not show abnormalities. Keeping up on the health of your pet is possible with the right Charlotte veterinarians who truly care for and love animals.

Veterinarian Services Available

At Creek Animal Hospital, we offer a wide array of services to help treat your beloved pet, regardless of his or her current age or any medical issues they may currently be experiencing. Whether you are seeking boarding, dentistry work, annual check-ups, or emergency care, we are here for you. Emergency care provided by veterinarians helps to offer blood work while monitoring heart function and the overall state of well-being health-wise.

We also administer anesthesia for various common surgeries in addition to providing laser treatments, radiology and surgery. Our expert staff is there to help you and your pet throughout the entire process. Anesthesia is often used when your animal must be put under for various surgeries and in some cases, grooming, depending on the temperament of your pet around strangers and when visiting the vet.

Laser treatments, radiology scans, and surgery are common veterinary services, and with the best veterinarians available today, you can trust us with your pet. Radiology helps by providing veterinarians with x-rays, while laser treatments may work on wounds and animals with poorer eyesight. Surgeries may range from removing cysts and benign tumors to various cancers.

Our professional veterinarians are also experienced in preventative care; offering proper medications post surgery or other procedures, and an on-site laboratory to get you the results and answers you need when caring for a loved pet. We also pride ourselves on offering an in-house pharmacy, allowing our patients to get their pet’s medication in less time to begin the healing process while reducing pain your animal may experience without extended waiting times.

It is also possible to refill any prescriptions your pet may require with the use of our online submission from. Submitting detailed information about your pet(s), the needs of your pet, as well as when a prescription is due,  is much easier than making a trip directly to your local veterinarian.

Finding the Right Veterinarian

With many veterinarians in Charlotte, selecting the right option to care for your pet may be one of the most decisions you have to make. Whenever you are in search of veterinarians, Clear Creek Animal Hospital is available to meet all of your pet’s needs while providing treatment options, medication, and surgical procedures your animal may require.

Need to have your pet seen by our Charlotte veterinarians as quickly as possible? Give Clear Cree Animal Hospital a call today at 704-537-8405. Feel free to view more information about the in-depth services and care we provide for animals of all kind.

Here at Clear Creek Animal Hospital, we are here to help you with any questions that you may have about your pet’s health. Don’t hesitate to contact us at (704) 537-8405 if you need any assistance.