Veterinarian in Harrisburg, NC - Clear Creek Animal HospitalClear Creek Animal Hospital is an emergency animal hospital near Harrisburg NC. We are proud to serve the areas of Charlotte, Mint Hill, Harrisburg, Concord and Matthews NC. We consider  it an honor to care for your pets. For us, our furry friends deserve the same love and care that their parents do. They aren’t just animals, they’re family. We treat them like they are our own. We keep informed on the newest science and knowledge. We pass this knowledge on to pet parents, so they can better care for their pets at home. Have a question? Does your pet show symptoms of something you don’t understand? We’re here to help.

Our Veterinary Services in Harrisburg NC

Almost every veterinarian in Harrisburg NC boards pets before and after surgery. They usually have X-ray equipment and a lab. Veterinarians may or may not have their own pharmacy. That’s where we come into the picture. In addition to surgeries, we do have laser therapy, radiology, and our own pharmacy. However, it’s preventive measures in which we shine.

Did you know that brushing your pet’s teeth is just as important as brushing your own? They get dental problems, too, of which bad breath is a symptom. Keep in mind that our domestic pets today are the wild animals of yesteryear. They won’t allow their parents to see pain, because that would be admitting to vulnerability. It’s still a survival of the fittest world. We’ll check your pet’s teeth and gums to make sure nothing lurks there that will cause pain or other problems.

Another example of pet health is the pads of your pet’s feet. Yeast infections, red toenails and some discharge are indicative of an allergy. Licking the pads and toenails excessively will tell you your pet needs to see the doctor. First, we’ll treat the outside of the pet. If the anti-fungal medications and shampoos don’t do the trick, then we’ll deal with the inside of the pet. We’ll try antihistamines and anti-itch medicines in addition to eliminating any food allergies to which the pet may be exposed.

Pet Parks Around Town

Every Harrisburg veterinarian can point pet parents to dog-friendly parks along with which businesses in town welcome furry little people. Here’s a list of both to get you started.

Doggie Parks

Barkingham Park, 2900 Rocky River Rd.  Charlotte

Dog Park 1201 W. 4th St.  Charlotte

Lower Little Sugar Creek Trail 1900 East Blvd.  Charlotte

Upper Little Sugar Creek Trail 2100 N. Davidson St.  Charlotte

Dog-Friendly Businesses

Bulldog Beer & Wine 2447 B Park Rd.  Charlotte (Have a brew while your pet plays with the owner’s bulldogs)

Smelly Cat Coffeehouse 514 E. 36th St.  Charlotte (Roasts their own coffee beans, oh, and they love cats)

Starbucks 6432 Rea Rd. Charlotte (Doggie friendly and they make a mean blueberry muffin)

When your pet needs to see the doctor, we would love to see your pet. We take good care of all the furry little people who come to us, just like they are our own. To learn more about us, please call 704-537-8405. We stand ready to help.