radiologyHere at Clear Creek Animal Hospital, we are proud to offer digital radiology to our clients.

We strive to give you the highest quality care. We do this by staying up to date with the newest technologies available for veterinary medicine. We are also proud of our equipment, which allows us to take the best possible care of your pets.

One way we accomplish this is by offering digital radiology for your pets.

How Can Digital Radiology Help My Pet?

  • Non-invasive – We can look inside your pet without invasive measures
  • Quick – Images are ready within seconds after taking the films
  • Efficient – Don’t have to repeat film after film to get the correct exposure.
  • Adjustable contrast – Allows us to see the images better.

When your pets are ill, we may recommend radiographs so that we are able to look inside your pets without taking invasive measures like exploratory surgery. The images we get with our digital x-ray unit are amazing and very effective when we’re diagnosing pets.

If you have any questions about our digital x-ray unit, be sure to contact us today at (704) 537-8405.