What Vaccinations Your Pet Needs and When

Vaccinations-Pet-Needs-Clear-Creek-Animal-HospitalYou love your pets, and you want to take care of them as if they were your own child. The best way to keep your pets healthy and happy is by vaccinating them regularly against common pet ailments. Some vaccinations are required by law, while others are core vaccinations that your pet should have to protect them against viral infections over their lifetimes.

Required and Common Vaccinations

Rabies – Most people have heard of rabies, but don’t know exactly what it is. Rabies is fatal in 100 percent of pets who contract it, and it can be spread to humans. Pet owners in North Carolina are mandated by law to vaccinate their cats and dogs against rabies. If a pet bites someone, and he is not current on his rabies vaccine, animal control will quarantine him for 10 days to ensure he is not infected and has not infected the bitten person. NC requires pets to be vaccinated by 4 months of age, and then given a booster after one year. Following the initial and first booster, vaccination must continue every one or three years depending on the vaccine used.

Parvo – Parvovirus is a viral disease caused by the canine parvovirus type 2 (CPV-2) that affects dogs of all ages. It is contracted via contact with infected dogs, their feces, or surfaces that have become contaminated with infected feces. Parvovirus is an often deadly, but highly preventable disease that affects thousands of dogs each year. This virus causes vomiting and diarrhea in dogs, and is fatal in more than 90 percent of untreated dogs. Early vaccination is the protection against parvovirus. Puppies should be vaccinated as early as 6 weeks, receiving three vaccinations over a 10-week period with a booster one year later.

Bordetella – Bordetella is also known as Kennel Cough, and is a highly contagious infection similar to bronchitis. Dogs that regularly come into contact with other dogs through activities such as groomer visits, boarding, and dog parks should have the Bordetella vaccinations. This vaccination is virtually painless, as it is administered via nasal drops rather than shots, and should be given annually.

Distemper – Canine and feline distemper are viral diseases that can have detrimental effects on your pets, up to and including death. While there is no cure for feline distemper, canine distemper is treatable but often results in damaging neurological disorders. In both dogs and cats distemper is highly contagious through contact with urine and feces. Distemper vaccines are generally given with combination vaccines that protect against other illnesses specific to dogs or cats.

Clear Creek Animal Hospital knows you want to protect your pets, and is here for your pet vaccination needs. Many pet ailments are preventable, and vaccinating your pet could save his life. For more information on other vaccinations, visit our website or give us a call to schedule your pets vaccinations today!

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