Veterinarian in Mint Hill, NC - Clear Creek Animal HospitalClear Creek Animal Hospital is proud to serve all types of companion animals in the greater Charlotte area. Our animal hospital near Mint Hill, NC is here to work with you as a health partner for your pet. Our hospital provides top of the line services utilizing the latest technology and wellness practices. If you need a veterinarian in Mint Hill or any part of the greater Charlotte area, we are here for you. In addition to boarding, surgery, recovery services, and full preventative care for your pet, we are happy to offer laser therapy to treat your furry friends.

Our Veterinary Services in Mint Hill, NC

Our pets give us so much love and joy, it is only fair that we provide them with the health care that they require. Annual checkups can help to keep your pet feeling good and can also help to catch any health ailments before they become too serious. Don’t forget about those choppers! Regular teeth cleaning can help prevent loss of teeth in their later years as well as contribute to their overall health and wellness. Mouth infections and harmful bacteria can have a very negative effect on your pets’ overall well-being so be sure to keep their teeth clean!

What is Laser Therapy and How Can it Help My Pet?

Clear Creek Animal Hospital is very excited to offer laser therapy to our patients. If your pet undergoes surgery or any other invasive procedure, laser therapy can work to decrease bleeding and swelling, thereby speeding up the recovery process. Laser therapy treatments are also very effective in decreasing pain and helping pets as the age. Our facilities provide top of the line, cutting edge technology which helps us to give our patients the best possible care. If your pet has suffered an injury or needs surgery, give us a call to discuss how laser therapy can help to reduce their pain and get them back to feeling great soon!

Fun with Fido

Our pets are part of the family, and there is nothing better than spending a day with them enjoying the beautiful natural surroundings that the greater Charlotte area offers in abundance. Physical activity is key to keeping your dog healthy and happy and there is no shortage of dog parks in our area. We especially love taking our dog to the U.S. National Whitewater Center for a day of paddle boarding and some on-leash hiking. This 400-acre park is full of fun activities from zip lines and canopy tours to mountain biking during dog-free outings, and hiking and swimming when we bring them along!

Clear Creek Animal Hospital is a full-service veterinary resource available to meet all of your pets’ needs, from scheduled and regular care to emergency services. If you are looking for a Mint Hill veterinarian, or live in the surrounding Charlotte area, we would love to meet you and your family. To learn more about how laser services can help your pet, or to schedule a wellness check, give us a call at 704-537-8405.